Mathias Madsen Munch


Danish composer, artist and entrepreneur

Artistic focus

Immersive storytelling through music & interactive concerts

Music for visual media & visual media in live performances Projects with a communal goal and preservation of nature

A musical chameleon

Mathias is a versatile composer who lets the projects define the musical identity. His productions range from symphonic music to electronic productions, and he continually collaborates with other artists, composers and producers to create the right sound and vibe for the diversity of projects.

Music for the world

Mathias has exported his projects and creative approach to countries such as Brazil, Latvia and Russia, in collaboration with the Danish Cultural Institute, the Danish Embassies and the Foreign Ministry of Denmark

Mathias is currently working on a transatlantic project with a focus on the essential rainforest areas in Costa Rica and the wetlands of Pantanal.


closest collaborators


Mathias has his own independent company MMMusic based in Copenhagen, which has existed since 2010.


  • Founded with Claus Reenberg in 2012. Has produced several theatrical productions.


  • Founded with Lasse D. Hansen. Has produced projects all over Denmark as well as in the Faroe Islands.

Munch Brothers

Founded with Rasmus Madsen Munch in 2013. The brothers work together as MUNCH BROTHERS and focus specifically on music synced for the screen.


Mathias is vice chair of Danish Professional Songwriters and Producers. He is a member of KODA.


Mathias has specialized in performing in interactive setups in concert halls, cinemas or outside. His ability to improvise and immediately react to the atmosphere of an audience has been an essential part of his career, ranging through small ensemble performances such as the Norse mythology concert Ragnarok, immersive outdoor performances of works such as ClockWork and interactive performances with full symphony orchestras such as The Neverending Maze.

Artistic background

Mathias holds a Masters’ degree in Film Scoring from the Danish National Academy of Music.

Academic background

  • BA in Musicology from University of Copenhagen
  • MA in Educational Psychology from Aarhus University.

Type of


  • Concert houses
  • Media companies
  • Orchestras
  • Museums
  • Producers
  • Publishers
  • Theaters



You are more than welcome to contact Mathias with relevant business proposals

+45æ23902397 or

info @ væk


væk. .dk


Mathias sees it as an essential duty to exchange ideas and inspire new talents in the field of creative arts. He is a sought-after educator in Danish institutions and has taught countless of students and teachers all over Denmark in storytelling through arts. Mathias always incorporates an element of didactics in his projects, why his artistic projects also carry a more profound meaning and a message, which the audience, listener or observer can implement in their own lives.


Mathias publishes books through Danish Music Educators Publications. Although his approach to composing is founded in classical music, one of his most popular books SANGSKABER – which roughly translates to Song Creator – introduces teachers and students to an innovative way of creating pop songs. His Master’s thesis in framing aesthetic learning processes focuses on how to create inspiring and artistic environments for children and grown-ups alike.


Mathias is born and raised in Frederikshavn in North Jutland, the gateway to Sweden and the North Sea. After his studies, he settled in Copenhagen but he has since kept a strong relationship with North Jutland. He is commemorated in the acclaimed poetry park of Frederikshavn with a monument in the idyllic Bangsbo Park, where his lyrics for the song ‘Proud Frederikshavner’ is visible all year around to locals and tourists, who visit this maritime pearl at the tip of Denmark.