Mathias Madsen Munch


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MOSS-MIRED MOGENS cross-platform production with orchestral premiere May 2024 with Aalborg Symphony Orchestra. Listen to the ouverture which presents the different segments of the symphony orchestra one by one: first woodwinds, secondly brass, then percussion and ultimately the strings. The entire album can be found on streaming services.

LYSFALD cross-platform production with 100.000 visitors annually. Every year the score to Lysfald is being changed to fit the physical alterations of the theme park in Fårup. The score is divided into four seasons, the extract being from Winter, where the audience ‘follows’ a character lost in the winter storm approached by a pack of wild wolves. Hybrid score with pure virtual instruments produced by Munch Brothers.

THE NEVERENDING MAZE cross-platform production with 100+ live performances. Orchestral premiere October 2023 with Aarhus Symphony Orchestra. Listen to the song at the end of the concert, where the evil Wizard bewitches the Philharmonic Fellowship. In the live performance, the audience decides how the ending unfolds. The entire English album can be found on streaming services with voices by Caspar Philipsson known from Mission Impossible (2018) and Jackie (2016)

FELIX & THE MONSTERS cross-platform production with 90.000+ users. Listen to the theme of the Devil, where the luring woodwinds manipulates the listener, before he is being sent back to the abyss. The entire score is built on the storyline of Oscar nominated author Morten Dürr (Ivalu).

I LOVE IT cross-platform production with 50+ live performances. Listen to the title song, where the protagonist sums up the entire message of the production. Produced and written by Remulus Entertainment based on the true story of Danish skin care icon Ole HenriksenThe English songs are performed by Broadway singer Constantine Rousouli.

TYRA – interactive production at Port of Frederikshavn turning a 14.000 tons oil platform into a large-scale audiovisual event. Listen to an extract of the score, underlining the notion of a Scandinavian country in a global context. Generic hybrid music produced by Munch Brothers with folk violinist Elisabeth Dichmann.

CLOCKWORK vertical immersive production by the esteemed Forest Tower. Excerpt from the live performance of ClockWork, where the solo violin performs all 12 steps of the clock in real-time, whereafter the same music is transmitted to the 12 turns of the mesmerizing Forest Tower acknowledged by Times Magazine (2019) as a must-see sight in Denmark.


animation & computer games

Bee Brilliant

Mathias created music for the popular Bee Brilliant Puzzle Games for many years as well as music for the Disco Ducks series.


Mathias created the orchestral score for puzzle game Comic Brain by WulffMorgenthaler commisioned by Kaek Industries.


Together with director Touraj Khosravi Mathias created this art house animation with visuals and orchestral music as the sole narrative drivers.


animated musical production





Together with director Touraj Khosravi Mathias created this dystopic orchestral tale of pigs unknowingly on the way to the slaughter house. Recorded with support from DPA and the Danish Film School in Copenhagen.

Drops of Blood where we understand the backstory of the villain and his evil motives.

Main vocals by Caspar Phillipson.

Wake Up where Pignotti explains her inner dreams: that the truck will come pick her up and change her life for good.

Main vocals by Cecilie Thiim.

The Truck Song where the small piggies are being brought to the slaughter house unaware of their awaiting fate.

Main vocals by vocal group Dopplers.

Sing Sing Sing where the piggies are introduced to the guardian of the slaughter house, who happens to be a cannibalistic pig. Main vocals by Caspar Phillipson.