Mathias Madsen Munch


Mathias Madsen Munch and producer Rasmus Madsen Munch (Ras Munch) has worked on numerous productions across the media landscape.

Mathias Madsen Munch

Composer and Conceptualizer

Rasmus Madsen Munch

Composer and Music Producer


The brothers record with various musicians from a broad musical spectrum in their studio in Copenhagen. Here the acclaimed Danish String Quartet pays a visit.

Orchestral recordings are primarily done in Budapest with the Budapest Art Orchestra.

Rasmus is in charge of creating the electronic and synth universes of Munch Brothers. He also mixes and produces all content for our clients.

A studio on the run

Munch Brothers has a professional studio in Copenhagen but is able to establish their mobile studio everywhere. Like here on Arsenalet in Viborg UNESCO Creative City where the brothers have numerous collaborations with acclaimed animation partners.